Tim Morgan

Ruby on Rails DeveloperSquare, Recurly, Scribd
Commercial PilotAirplane Single-Engine Land (2013)
Airplane Single-Engine Sea (2014)
Airplane Multi-Engine Land (2015)
Glider (2019)
Instrument Airplane (2012)

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Tim Morgan
[omitted] | San Francisco, CA | [omitted] | USA
[phone ommitted] |

Objective: Senior developer at a software-comes-first firm in need of passionate programmers and fast learners. Especially excited by web and applications programming.


Experienced, fast, disciplined and thorough programmer with strong focus on design-oriented coding and complete documentation. Comfortable in many languages (Ruby, JavaScript/Node, Swift, Objective-C, CSS/HTML), libraries (Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Vue.js, Cocoa), and tools (Webpack, Capistrano, Sidekiq, Git).

Selected Accomplishments

  • Built and open-sourced two major tools for Square: Squash and Shuttle.
  • Premier Ruby on Rails developer at the one of the busiest Rails websites; extensive experience with a full range of web technologies, front-to-back.
  • Designed and developed numerous personal websites using Ruby on Rails and Vue.js: AvFacts, ranked., and more.
  • Designed an asynchronous Rails 3.0 website for communicating with a variety of payment gateways using EM-HTTP.
  • Designed and implemented in C++ a model of flight physics for a computer simulation as part of a team of six specialists. Also designed a model of physical G-force effects whose realism is unprecedented in the industry.

Professional History

  • Software Engineer — Tools, Square (San Francisco)
    Inagural internal tools developer for Square, with a focus on Ruby on Rails. Designed, built, and launched major engineering projects that were used internally and open-sourced.
  • Senior Developer, Recurly.com (San Francisco)
    Expert Ruby on Rails developer; back-end refactoring, architecture, design.
  • Senior Developer, Scribd.com (San Francisco)
    Primary Ruby on Rails back-end developer for startup Scribd.com; website features, database optimizations, proper Rails style, and expert advice.
  • Software Engineer, Tickle.com (San Francisco)
    Lead developer for the international Tickle.com websites (a J2EE/Spring website) and a Ruby on Rails ad-serving system.
  • Software Development Engineer II, Amazon.com (Seattle)
    Programmer for the Transportation team, responsible for implementing web-based visibility services and Oracle back-ends for inbound and outbound freight.

Supporting Experience

  • Certified commercial pilot (2013) (private 2007).
  • Wrote over twenty feature articles and over 100 news articles for Inside Mac Games as their Senior Writer specializing in flight simulators and audio hardware.
  • Founded and ran the Beloit College Filmmaking Club, and as president, spearheaded the creation of three feature-length documentaries on and off campus.


  • B.S., Computer Science and Physics Beloit College; Beloit, WI; -

References available upon request.